George Carmichael
FEEL the Beat!!
A metronome on your wrist

Set the tempo, and your Apple Watch will vibrate to the beat. That's all there is to it.

$0.99 at the App Store
(Search 'Haptick' on your Watch App Store)


  • The metronome will ignore your wrist action
    That way, when you hold your instrument the clicking will keep going.*
  • The audible cue keeps the tempo, along with a haptic pulse.
  • A button changes the haptic pulse from 2/4 to 3/4, or you can silence the pulse.**
  • Use the slider (+/-) to change the tempo, or use the crown to scroll (fine tune).
  • Notes (limitations):
    * 2020 Mar 4: [version 1.1.1] This app will stay awake past the "Wake for 70 seconds" feature. It will ignore wrist drops, and will continue to function until you press the digital crown!

    ** The audible cue (beep) and the heavy haptic pulse will only happen every other beat. There is a limitation on the Apple Watch -- the louder physical haptic vibrate can't keep up to the app's beat. That means, you will hear the tempo as if it were 2/4 (two beats out of four), rather than 4/4 (four beats out of four)

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Haptic Metronome Apple Watch
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