Geo-counter:    the iTRY edition


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Geo-counter:    the iTRY edition

Keep track of visitors to your web site

Last change: 2016/05/12 George Carmichael -


Step 1:
Add this line to your HTML code:

<img src=''>

That's it.    iTry is now keeping a 'hidden' record of all visits to that page.

Okay, fine. You probably want to view the log file, too.

Also add this line to your HTML code:

<a target='_blank' href=''>last 20 accesses</a>


Here is a typical set up:

You are visitor <img src=''>&nbsp;&nbsp;
Click <a target='_blank' href=''>here</a> to see the log file


You are visitor    Click here to see the log file


Is Geo-counter FREE?!

Yes • • • KIND OF:

  • Unregistered counters have their log files emptied every month.
  • Unregistered counters' log files are only viewable if called from the target web page (ie, via a link on your web page - see example above, or check out the Notes and Tricks)
  • You get what you pay for; Your counter -- my bandwidth, my disk storage. If your counter is going to cost me a crapload of money or time, I'll delete your counter.
  • FREE?!! --- what's in it for you, George?
           Oh, I don't know     --- maybe I want to do something in retirement besides whining all the time.